The dataset contains days, from to .
Hover over a time segment to see the activity it represents, and its duration.
Click on a row to see a detailed record of that day.

total time tracked

of parent

of all time


per day
: ( per day) during the week from to .


Where is your time going?

Ticktockman visualizes time-tracking data. An example dataset is already loaded, so just scroll down and explore! Or learn how to format your own time-tracking data for use with Ticktockman.

I want to load my own data!

Time spent by date

Time spent by activity

Hover over a section of the chart to see how much time you spent on that particular activity.

Changes from week to week

(This part is still work in progress.)
Move your mouse up or down to highlight a particular activity.
Move your mouse left or right to highlight a particular week.
The weekly average time spent is shown below the visualization.